dif advocates for: accessibility, community spirit, critical thinking, democratic process, decolonisation, diversity, equity, honesty, humane growth, fairness, feminism, inclusivity, innovation, intersectionality, open communication, positive change, the right to err and the duty to repair, social and eco sustainability, and transparency.

dif stands against: all discriminatory -ism and -phobia, including but not limited to ableism, ageism, classism, nepotism, queerphobia, racism, sexism, and tokenism, as well as against bullying, microaggressions, and violence in any shape or form, and against fake activism, performative actions, and the current status quo.

dif understands that: DEI theory, realities, and vocabulary evolve constantly, we are all learning, each incident takes root in systemic discrimination but is unique in its occurrence, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free” meaning empowerment of each community and as a whole or for its individual members must happen in parallel.

dif will offer: free guidance to individuals suffering from discrimination to break the victim cycle and empowering survivors to support others (talking & listening, incident documentation & archiving, strategising & available resources, support group), sliding-scale consulting and workshops to organisations and companies willing to improve their DEI process, a stamp of approval to audited projects and collaboration agreements according to our evolving code of conduct, community-driven events and resources.

You can write us via info @ dif-ev .org or via the contact form.


My name is Ornelia, I’m 26 years old and I use my name as pronoun 🙂  I was born in


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