Olcan Akçay

Hej, I’m Olcan (he/him) a Berlin-based communication designer and photographer, and I am looking forward to tackling discrimination in today’s world, to make it a safer space for everyone, no matter what their orientation, gender, or beliefs are.

I will mostly support dif with my designer and photo/videography skills, and will help with research and translations as I am trilingual. For me it is important that thanks to DEI we break down privilege systems by giving everyone equal access to ressources and information, so we can all reach the same goals we set for ourselves.

Tackling injustice in today’s society is something that has become important to me as I have seen it happen with family members and friends; I would like to raise my voice in solidarity. Of course we also need tackle that good old patriarchy, as it is way outdated and toxic for the entire society and our well-being, we can no longer be controlled by people who do not evolve and see the beauty in positive change.


I had the pleasure of meeting Chase before this book was published, and I have always been inspired by his mindset “think big, without hesitation, it doesn’t matter what others say”. This book breaks it once more down and gives leads in a freeing creative process.
Chase Jarvis, Creative Calling: Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Succeed in Work + Life

A book that can help getting back on track by empowering yourself and bringing you closer to your goals.
Kain Ramsay, Responsibility Rebellion: An Unconventional Approach to Personal Empowerment

Quick overview about the importance of DEI in talent development and recruitment in HR www.forbes.com/sites/markcperna/2023/04/25/the-latest-dei-research-and-how-to-find-an-employer-who-shares-your-values/ and on campus https://theconversation.com/5-ways-that-college-campuses-benefit-from-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-programs-208905

An atypical study about workplace design and diversity: www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/people-places-and-things/202312/workplace-design-research-for-todays-workplaces