Zuzana Hamm

Hi, I’m Zuzana Hamm (she/her) aka Friday. I’ve been working in the electronic music industry since 2008 and going out to parties in Berlin since 2010, which later on led to active involvement in the local scene including organising events. One example is Meetup Berlin, an event I had been co-organising with a group of friends for FLINTA electronic music producers, DJs and VJs in Berlin since 2016, and free community music events and accessible music making workshops at Common Ground (KOMA Elektronik). Currently, I work for Resident Advisor as a City Manager for Berlin and independently as an artist, DJ, and promoter.

Thanks to listening to and exchanging conversations with artists throughout my professional and personal life, I learned more about various issues many people face when it comes to taking space in the scene due to their background, gender, age, and other aspects. I live for music and community and look at issues holistically as most issues in the music industry as well as other areas in society are complex, from structural to personal, therefore I find intersectionality crucial when it comes to helping others and finding solutions. We should all feel supported, connected and alleviate each other.


Read about how Jaymie Silk questions intentions and achievements behind general DEI implementation in the music field: https://dwellerforever.blog/2023/07/suspect-desire