Ana Rome

Hi, I’m Ana (she/they), born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia and have called Berlin my home since early 2015. Ever since I was a child, equality and fairness was something that was very deeply integrated into me and for that purpose, I wanted to become a lawyer from the age of nine. Hard work and studies ended up getting me a degree in law, only to realise that legal frames, in practice, do not offer or provide the equality or fairness for marginalised groups, FLINTA folks, immigrants, and other people alike.
Shortly after I stirred away from courts and law offices, I ended up working for Radio Student, the oldest alternative radio station in Europe, whose mission is to strive for inclusion, diversity and defence of democracy since the late 1960’s. Needless to say, I never looked back.My love for electronic music has led me to start working in the music industry. As a community manager, it became even more important for me to be vocal about diversity, equality and inclusivity in today’s society and get those into practice.


Isabelia Herreral invites readers not to keep diverse womxn’s participation to the creation of electronic music a secret:

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