DEI in cultural public funding

One could argue that public funding is the backbone of culture in Europe. We could also argue that the level of support given from several European countries to the arts is fantastic compared to other rich nations whose governments cannot be bothered. But the system is not perfect, and decisions made by government organisations on what arts and culture they deem worthy of supporting can reflect the narrow tastes of decision makers and entrench discrimination. In order for public funding of the arts to be a tool of democracy and support a vibrant and varied arts scene, there needs to be consideration for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the selection and distribution process.

Learn more by reading the full article in Mixmag, and listening the two-part companion podcast on dublab on their website or from the players below, and feel free to send in your questions or own examples via info @ dif-ev .org or via the (anonymous) contact form if you prefer. Make sure to mention whether your examples can be added to our public or private research or not at all. We are also happy to exchange and share some of our extended research on DEI in public funding upon request.

While this DEI in cultural funding overall research started ca five years ago, this specific podcast came to life thanks to the DEI 2023 group project. Here you can read about the initial discrimination issues and here is the resolution statement; in the podcast you will hear from different actors in this specific case but also about general matters of institutional discrimination. DEI 2023 has published one more podcast in German, and you can also enjoy some VR concerts via Diasporic Arts Alliance.


Podcast credits: EU grant specialist Alessandro De Angelis, Barbara Gande from ADNB, musician Grinderteeth, drag artist HP Loveshaft, researcher Janishia Jones, Joe Frankland from PRS Foundation & Keychange, artist Malonda, music writers Marcus Barnes & Patrick Hinton, curator Sandira Blas, and singer-songwriter Wizzy.
With thanks to Sarah Kivi for the studio recording and editing, Orchestral Tools for the studio space, and to Jason Jervis for mixing.

Podcast & tracklist 1/2: AK18T (Sarah Kivi remix) – Dimitri Pike

Podcast & tracklist 2/2:
Perpetual Destruction (Sarah Kivi mix) – Nbor vs. Dylan Wexler
Feuerfrau (Tiffadelic remix) – Malonda
Blood of Medusa – Ginderteeth