Noura Hafez

I am Noura, and I typically use the pronouns she/her, but I appreciate gender-neutral language. I grew up in a transcultural household, Egyptian-German, Catholic-Muslim, with a wealth of my own ideas about worldviews shaped by this cultural richness. With roots in this multifaceted environment, I am part of dif because here, my diverse life experiences converge. Professionally, I work in organizational development, with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equality. I also bring over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry, particularly in the club scene.

I aim to support this process through my work and strength: the club scene repeatedly shows me how empowering diversity can be when it is visible and represents various life experiences. Promoting this diversity is close to my heart; unfortunately structural discrimination does not end in the music and club scene – despite the significant potential for a fairer development. My commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion goes beyond words: through my workshops and my sociological background, I actively contribute to raising awareness of these important issues, and my workshops provide practical insights and tools to understand various perspectives and create a more inclusive atmosphere. As a sociologist, I bring a depth of knowledge and research expertise to address the structural challenges related to diversity and discrimination.

I firmly believe that meaningful change is achieved not only through words but also through actions and education. It is my unwavering conviction that collective efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in the music and club scene can lead to lasting change. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this movement and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.


I believe that the topic of classism significantly influences many forms of discrimination, exacerbating each form and particularly constraining opportunities for action: Where We Stand: Class Matters by bell hooks

Here are statistics on sexual violence and sexism in nightlife¬†because I believe it is important to maintain an overview of what’s happening around us, even if it is sometimes invisible: